Last nite I played my first show in a long time. It was a Molotov cocktail of adrenaline, peace, nervous sweat, and joy. I write these songs continually that never get played. Sometimes art is never finished until it is shared and experienced. In that way I feel very completed.

Alaine, Jolyn, and Beth drove the hour and a half with me to the open mike night. I felt very thankful for their support. I played scrabble with Alaine and Beth today. We talked about making a kung fu film. I hope they are down with it because I’m straight up serious. We’ll see if the ideas come out.

At the show Rich brought along a very attractive friend. I put so much into my performance that afterward I was almost buckled over from a fatigued diaphragm. I griped about it to the table as a means of explaining my posture. So, Rich’s friend says to me, “You should work out, it will strengthen your diaphragm.” I’m sure she just meant it as a friendly comment but I’m thinking, “Gees, is it that evident that I’m outta shape?”

On that note I really want to start running again. I have a completely valid reason for why I don’t. On last summer’s mission trip one of the youth taught me how to use raver strings with glowstix. I took the shoelaces out of my running shoes to do it. So you see, I just need some shoelaces and then I’ll run. um, yeah so by completely valid reason, I meant lamer excuse. I did go for a walk today. It was excellent. More tomorrow.


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