The nite air

In iTunes: Hey Mercedes, Knowing When to Stop
Tonight I was looking forward to hanging out with a new friend, but alas I was stood up in favor of homework. I can’t say I’m completely disappointed, I mean this gave me time to attempt to reformat my blog. And what a joy it was being beat into submission by an onslaught of structural integrity bugs. I swear if I see one more error message, I’m redlining.
So my brother left me a bike to ride around. I’m so excited I want to go home and ride around it right now. I remember being a kid, when going to “ride bikes” was just something you did.
“what are you guys going to do”-mom
“we’re gonna go ride bikes”-me
All of a sudden one day you become an adult and riding a bike has to be some sort of exercise or sport. No way man, I’m going round the neighborhood tonite just cuz!
I’ve spent way too much time on my computer lately. I seriously need to go live a non-cyber life. If I can get in touch with my good friend Flynn tomorrow then I will go down to his church in Whitmore Lake on Sunday.


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