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Today was defiantly red-letter. I was so crazy busy I don’t even think I got a shower in. I feel like a discarded popsicle on a sidewalk in summer, but even that couldn’t ruin my mood. My Dad and I got to chainsaw some stuff today. (Insert audible grunt) See, my father wasn’t around a lot when I was a kid. In fact most of the time he wasn’t around at all, and lived in a different state from the rest of the family. Hotel management is a high turnover career that takes you to far and away places while your family attempts to maintain community roots in a stationary hub.
This morning he busted out this off-brand, plastic chainsaw he purchased for around $100. He was so pround of it, it was awesome. He showed me how to keep it the chain tight and oiled, and how to mix the gasoline. Then we chopped down a whole bunch of willow trees next to my parents’ flower shop. The ground was saturated from the recent snowmelt; our shoes muddied as we stacked branch upon branch on top of the quaggy soil. It was just dirty, sweaty, manly-man work (with a 100 dollar chain saw) and we did it together.
This afternoon I met up with my praise team director at the music store. They are having an insane sale where you buy one guitar and get like an amp, or
another guitar, or drums free! So we sifted through some basses and amps. Tomorrow I’m going to try to beat the crowd but some gear for the church. There is also a beautiful black Alvarez electric/acoustic that, if it’s in God will, shall be mine.
At nite I went over Josh’s. We played Worms and Dance Dance Revolution. Then we talked about making our Kung fu movie. I was totally blown away by how creative these kids were. Their ideas just kept flowing from this ceaseless pot of random goodness. Here’s one little snippet,
“Hey it’s gotta be super cheesy”
“Of course”
“Let’s use
ketchup as blood”
“Ok, but let’s use fast-food
ketchup packets as blood.”
“yeah when someone gets their arm chopped off a bunch of
ketchup packets will fly out.”
I’m so geeked.


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