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Oh yes, how fun is it to buy new stuff? Quite fun. Today I got up ghetto eary for this insane sale. I had fearful inclinations that I would show up in the morning only to be 47th in line and someone else would buy my gear. So I showed up early and I was not 47th; I was 1st! I was not only 1st, but I was 1st for a whole hour. Yeah that sucked, but I was able to buy some kewl stuff for my church and I got free guitar strings. I decided not to go with the Alvarez. I was just uneasy about it, another other guitar’s been calling me. It was a total toss up between the two. I completely bathed the situation in a prayer and I believe I was lead to make a Godly purchase. I am now the proud owner of a super cool Ibanez.

I’m pretty excited about not leading worship tomorrow. Normally I lead every chance I get, I love it. Sometimes you can get so caught up in playing all the right notes that you lose God in the sheet music. Then you know it’s time to take a break. I’m looking forward to being able to lift up my hands tomorrow when I want to and not having to think about them being on the fret board.

Rode my bike today. It is a dilapidated pile of tendonitis waiting to happen, but once I worked the kinks out of the chain w/ some WD40 I was rockin’ the pavement. Did I mention that it’s been stripped of the gearshift so I was able to experience the beautiful sensation of furious peddling coupled with a blazing speed of 7 mph? Seriously though, it was major fun.


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