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So I believe Big Fish is my new favorite movie. I saw it yesterday for the first time and was completely moved by it. Life is truly made up of stories and perception is reality. I’ve decided I’m a big fan of fiction. Real life is real enough for me most of the time, if I’m going to engage in media I want to revel in the escapism of it. Another great flick: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen; I must’ve seen that 30 times when I was a kid.
Today was a very cleansing day. I tend to be a pretty anal retentive kind of person. “But Billy,” you ask, “you’re so right-brained and creative, aren’t you artsy kids supposed to be messy?” well, yes and no. I’m so scatter-brained that I need to have everything in just the right place or else I lose it. Yes, I’m that guy, the one who always has a clean desk and ticks you off because he can pull a pencil out at will while you search endlessly in a heap of papers. With that said, after my wife divorced me all semblance of order disappeared. Enter – why real life is real enough for me.
It’s been a long road to normal. For the first month it was basic stuff like sleep that I had to focus on while other things fell by the wayside. (Yes, it does suck to go a month without sleep) So, slowly step-by-step I’ve regained different parts of my life. I’ve been proactive about it. I want a normal life again, and I’m not down with reveling in the past. So today I cleaned my room. (I was gonna do it yesterday but when Big Fish came on HBO I was glued). One step closer.

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  1. 1 fly April 5, 2005 at 4:45 pm

    hey,uh… im sure you already know this but i figured id say it anyway, cuz when people say these types of things to me it just makes things so much easier. well i wanted you to know that even if i give you a hard time about some stuff *cough*collegekids*cough* that if u ever need somebody to talk to or anything im here. im not that good at giving advice but i can totally listen, im pretty good at that ^_^ i get kinda quiet and nervous when people talk about important things but i guarantee i still care and will still always listen no matter what. so yeah… and thankx for all the stuff youve done for me… and stuff… so thankx ^_^*
    he he he, how sappy was that? sorry if i sounded really dumb there, but yeah… you know.

  2. 2 DiHybridCross April 6, 2005 at 9:15 pm

    need some one to talk to, bad_british_ comedy… You seem like a pretty upset guy…

  3. 3 Billy Chia April 6, 2005 at 10:13 pm

    u girls are sweet. i generally unload my problems on people my own age so that I have an open heart to listen to the problems of those who are younger than me.

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