God doesn’t rape you

Acquire the Fire was amazing! I don’t know if my heart has ever been this broken in my entire life. This is what happens when you realize that we are eternal people that’s just how God created us and you know that some people don’t want God. I know that the Bible tells me that God doesn’t rape people. He wants people to be with Him for eternity, but he doesn’t force them. If people don’t want to be with God he deosn’t make them, and they end up spending eternity outside of his blessing. Some people call this state “hell” but I think modern society’s connotations of what “hell” is are way distorted. The fact is that Hell sucks and I don’t want to see anyone go there. I would hate to think that someone would choose God (or if your hardcore Lutheran “be prompted by the holy spirit to recieve God’s gift”) if only I would talk to them, but I’m just keeping my trap shut.

I want God to make me more bold. Bold to say, “Hey Jesus is amazing, he changed my life. Yeah I’m still a guy who suffers. Jesus never promised an end to suffering, only that He would be there to comfort us when we do. I’m not perfect. Jesus never promised that we would be perfect people here on eath, only that he would forgive our sins and we will be perfect in heaven. I’m going to spend and eternity in paridise and you can too. Jesus loves you. Really, it’s not just some elaborate scam, He’s real and he actually cares about you.”

I don’t know I’ve never been good as a street coner evengelist. I’ve always had this philosophy that you need to buid relationships with people before your words are credible, especially when you speak on the deepest issues of life, death, and eternity. But now I just feel like I need to say more or do more or be bolder somehow. There’s gotta be a way to spred this message. People are so lonely they need to know about this love. Not that I’m never lonely. I’m lonely all the time, but the fact is that God is with me in my loneliness and his love has changed me.

God doesn’t rape you. If you don’t want him, he loves you so much he’ll let you walk away. But He’s calling the whole time, “Come back to my arms, it’s where you belong.”


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