If Satan Can’t get you to stop working for Jesus…

He’ll make you work harder until you get burned out. This is one of Satan’s oldest tricks but somehow it still seems to work on me. Although I’ve gotten like 900 times better at saying “no” to things I still tend to over commit myself in the name of “ministry.” I’m pretty stressed and I think after this week I seriously need to evaluate what God wants me to drop.
I went to Mt. Pleasant last night, it rocked.
1. Playing Frisbee
2. Putting up flyers for a cool benefit concert that rich’s band, One Day Less, is playing at.
3. Rocking out at the coffee house
4. Cafe late
5. rich’s obnoxiously large “thunder cats style” expanding in size knife complete with scuba diver case resistance up to 20,000 leagues. (I think it was some kind of fishing knife. I just thought it had a menacing look)
6. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so good. Skip, do not walk, to your movie store to rent this DVD now. It’s the only movie I’ve ever seen that had an accurate concept of love. (you’ll be skipping because of the joy in the satisfaction of having rented one of the best movies ever movie)

Downers for the trip:
1. My new guitar’s preamp didn’t work I had to play rich’s guitar
2. The wind. wind doesn’t play nice with frisbees.

Fun stuff to come:
1. The kung fu movie is coming along beautifully
2. I get to play guitar for worship at a chapel service at my old high school tomorrow with one of my friends who’s a youth minister and will give a short message.
3. Invite a friend weekend for my church’s youth group is this weekend. Featuring One Day Less as the house worship band. I’m so geeked. Acquire the fire really had an amazing impact on my youth group’s kids and my church. I hope this next weekend can really run with the spirit of excitement that God has laid down.

So yeah if you were feeling list deficient there’s a bunch of lists just for you.


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