Grass stains and Soggy Christians

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I love camp! Yesterday the weather was so clear and the sky was so blue it reminded me of Texas. Being at Camp Lael was like being home again. Invite-a-friend weekend was great. On Friday night we stayed up until 4:30 in the morning talking about writing and the script for the kung-fu movie. I’m not sure who else likes talking about character development and plot consistency at 3AM, but we had a good time.

Then the next day during a break the girls said, “We need to roll down the tubing hill.” (For all my friends in Texas that only tube on the river, we Michigan folk take innertubes out on the snow) Of course there’s no snow in April so we just laid down, crossed out arms and careened down dead grass and bumpy terrain. Did we lose all of the skin on our elbows? Yep. Did we completely stain our clothes beyond all recognition? Yep. Did I laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed? Oh yeah. It rocked.

So later in the day, post cuts and scrapes from the hill rolling, we decided to go in the lake with our clothes on. It was awesome, we ended up having 10 people jump in the beyond freezing, hypothermic shock waiting to happen, ohmygosh-I-swear-I-can-see-ice-on-the-wather, lake wit all its algae and bacteria included. So yeah what happened to the cuts and scrapes on our arms? They were mighty infected. We didn’t care it was a blast.

Spiritually the weekend was great. The speaker was on target the worship was great. I was a little disappointed that One Day Less only played worship tunes and didn’t get to do any of their own stuff, but other than that I had no complaints.

When we got home we hung out at the mall. I haven’t hung out at the mall in a good long time. It was excellent.

Tonight I preached it up at Sunday night worship. My heart has just been so broken since Acquire the Fire. I approached my pastor last Sunday about giving a message at youth worship and he was like, “How about next week.” I spoke on evangelism in the context of friendship. (If you want the long version, I guess you just need to show up next time I talk) A lot of people told me they liked the message. It was probably the best message I ever gave just in terms of how passionate I am feeling right now that people need to know about God’s love. I also realized more about my calling and how much I feel called here. I used to want to be a professional speaker and talk on the circuit like the guy who was the weekend speaker at camp. But I think my message had a different flavor because I know all the kids. It was good because we have a relationship and not as much because I’m the best speaker in the world. It was a good moment of worship, but I feel like the people sitting in the pews made it that way as much as I did up front. I feel good when God uses me for kewl stuff. And well, really I just like wearing the little earpiece microphone.

I also had a good talk on the phone tonight. I’m a fan of honesty.

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  1. 2 Anonymous April 18, 2005 at 7:29 pm

    beth says w00t to the awesome that was all weekend, i totally know what you mean about atf, and i’m really bummed out that i had to miss the message you gave.
    (i hear tell i was mentioned, which was not why i’m bummed, but i felt like mentioning that i heard of the mention…..mention.)

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