Who Ordered the Snow?

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Yeah I know I’m from Texas and all and God thinks it’s funny now that I’m back in Michigan to hook up a little extra snow, but I mean c’mon it’s April! Blasted April you hear me!

That’s ok, I don’t think too much could put down my mood right now. Praise and worship night was phenomenal. God totally made his presence known. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in my church just being free and worshiping God.

Friday was pretty cool too. I was sick most of the day and that made it not so fun, but I did get to tromp around in the woods for a bit and we saw dead animals. And we saw this one skeleton and someone was like, “Is that a dear?” and I thought to myself, “Ah, now is the time, it’s finally arrived, all those years of teaching boring outdoor ed classes when I worked at various camps is going to pay off because I know how to tell what a dear skull looks like.” But alas, the crew was none to impressed with my outdoor trivia.

Other awesome highlights were the cool bands that played at my church’s coffee house. The Rising Tide (who will hopefully make it into the kungfu movie.) They had a moog, it made me happy. And Dawn Xiana Moon who had this amazing powerful voice. It was kewl to talk to Dawn and her keyboard player Alex after the show. They are from Ann Arbor the kewlest place on earth, so I’m a fan.


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