Shoebox greetings

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While talking to a friend last night I started thinking about high school. At about 2AM I set out on a quest. My personal grail: a shoebox full of all the photographs I took during the 4 years between ’94 and ’97. (These feature various configurations of hair and piercings.)

Memories are like water from the sky. Sometimes the rain pours, and your clothes are soaked, but you just keep dancing and jumping through mud puddles. Other times it hails in a white wash of frozen pain you can actually feel on your skin.

Among the treasures I unearthed was a journal I kept for my 5th grade English class. An entry dated in 1989 stated,
“I rented the best game today:
Super Mario Bros 3!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I also found a Six Degrees of Separation 7″. I don’t play on the record but my picture is featured on the jacket. (I joined the band post recording, but pre production)

Most difficult to sort through was a shoebox containing every love letter Jen and I wrote to each other when we were dating. I picked up note at random and read a bit. A section read, “I know you’re the one I want to be with forever.” It was hard not to feel betrayed all over again. In the end it was an exercise in growth. Though it was like trudging through thorns, opening old wounds, I think I’m a step closer to healing. Running away never solves problems. You gotta face ’em down and smack ’em with a backhand of triumph.


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