Rich’s Grad Party

Yeah, today was so amazing I just have to lift up praise to God for all of his awesomeness and the blessings that he poured out on me.

First I got to lead some worship songs for my church’s men’s group. It was way early in the morning and I stayed up way too late last nite working on the Source website. I was so tired my mind felt like oatmeal. There was no way I was in a state to lead but God showed up so huge, he took over when I felt weak for our weakness his power is made perfect. Just to listen to these men singing out to God was amazing, from that point on I knew it was going to be a good day.

Then Alaine and I went to Rich’s birthday/graduation party. It was freaking sweet. I just laughed like crazy and we took a million pictures. It was so much fun. I don’t know when the last time was that I really just enjoyed spending time like that (and I pretty much spend everyday enjoying everything I do)

Today’s only downer: no frisbee.

After we got back to Saginaw I gave Alaine a guitar lesson. I really excited about having her as a guitar student. Alaine is the kinda kid who just seems to be good at anything she applies herself to. She’s draws amazing anime and she’s a very talented writer. She was picking up the musical concepts I was laying down really quick.

I super excited, Monday and Tuesday I’m going to a worship conference with some people from my team at church. I’m especially looking forward to going to a session on postmodern worship and seeing how what the broader Christian community has to say compares with what is going on with the Source.

Oh yes, God is kewl.


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