into the darkness…

I think yesterday is the first time I’ve felt really sad in a long time. People often tell me the stories of their life, some are amazing tales of hurt and in those moments I feel sad for my friends, but yesterday I think my personal spirit was bruised.

I guess I forget from time to time that the Gospel is offensive and people become offended by its message. After all, Jesus wasn’t crucified because he was telling people to live holy lives or be good people. Jesus was killed because He was hanging out with all the wrongs kinds of people and drinking with them and telling these sinful, broken people that they were forgiven.

Although maybe that’s not why my friend was offended at all. I honestly have no idea why. I’m not very good about being able to “read” people; I need to be told very plainly what is up. I think that’s why I’m so honest. In any case my lack of intuitiveness and blatant honesty has caused conflict before. I guess I’m willing to pay the price for being true to who I am, but it still hurts to feel this rift.

On the upswing, Thursday night went awesome again. Next week you’ll be able to download an mp3 of the teaching from the website. After the Source, I really enjoyed hanging out with my new pal Kenny and I’m excited about the ministry that’s going to happen this summer.


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