chaotic repeal

ok, I know I’m weird but I really love this kinda stuff:

I’m so happy to be at the end of a busy, yet fulfilling week. God has given me so much more peace about life. Thank you to everyone who sent me encouragment and prayers. I really belive it was your prayers that got me through it. I’m still searching, I still don’t know all of what God has in store for the future, but I’m much more in a state of calm about the situation and trusting that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” – Rom. 8:28

the Source: rocked
Frisbee time: rocked
the Show: rocked

88mph is one of my favorite bands right now. I think that One Day Less, Special Delievery, Lost for Words, 88mph, and the Rising Tide need to go on the soundtrack to our Kung Fu movie. I have to work on the getting the sycronization rights. The singer from Special Delievery was way cool about it, he even gave me a free sticker.
(p.s. was not a “Battle of the Bands” the actual Battle is in Midland at the Rock next month, more info to come, you should totally hit that)


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