Samurai Vain: phase 2

Yesterday was the last real day off shooting for the movie. The only thing left to shoot is a few pick up scenes and then I’ll disappear from society while I edit the whole thing down. Everything is bittersweet. I’m really sad that all of the shooting is done and at the same time I’m ecstatic about it.

I’m going to miss communal slurpees, hanging out from 9 in the morning until 2 the next morning, and the times together when we weren’t shooting. I’m going to miss dressing like Simon. I’m really going to miss eyeliner, black nail polish and my septum ring. I’m going to miss the amazing feeling of finally getting a shot right and how much fun it was to come up with good lines. I’m going to miss how proud I felt at how talented my friends are (although I’m sure I’ll feel this again.) I’m just going to miss seeing Ivy, Blue and Michelle everyday. I’m going to miss everyone else who was in on the project especially Eric G. cuz he’s really cool and we probably won’t hang out too much again.

I’m not going to miss, “quiet on the set.” I’m excited to start getting some sleep so I’m not the meanest, most tactless, Billy ever. I’m happy to start spending time alone with God again. I’m excited to start dressing like me again. I’m looking forward to editing the movie and coming up with the final product.

One of my highest goals in life is to create positive memories. In the last 2-3 months and especially the last 2-3 weeks I think we’ve succeed immensely and found something we’ll all carry around for the rest of our lives. It’s been a really special time, and in a way I’m happy it’s over, because now I can start to cherish it.

“All good things have endings.” – The Get Up Kids

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  1. 1 Ivy August 1, 2005 at 11:57 pm

    those are some very true, & very wise thoughts.

    altho ivy is a silly girl, & has already cried at the whole “this being over”, she also looks forward to resuming her 1pm to 4am days, and a less melodramatic/stressful disposition.

    the little one would be more than thrilled to hang out again, that much i can promise.

    i’m currently declawing myself. i thought you might appreciate that. 🙂

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