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My trip to Evansville was fully excellent.

Highlights include:
Awesome worship @ CFC
Pastor David praying for us
Meeting Sarah’s Parents
Meeting Josh
Meeting Sarah’s friends
Hacky sackin
Being down by the river
Playing guitar
Praying together
Worshiping together in Sarah’s living room
Reading the Bible together
Talking to Blue for like 2 seconds before I showed Sarah Numa Numa
Dinner with Kevin and Nikki
“It’s the Kevin Show. Written and Directed by…Kevin. Produced by…Kevin” “Starring…Kevin”
Seeing Extra Blue Kind @ Wired (seriously check out “Make Yourself Useless”)
And not doing something….

I’ll need to remember to live in these memories for a while. I posted an obnoxious amount of pictures for your enjoyment on

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  1. 1 blue September 8, 2005 at 7:04 pm

    blue is mentioned

    it was funny cuz i didn’t even realize it twas joo

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