Sarah + Saginaw = God just showing off. Eph. 3:20 – true dat.

Highlights include…

Good coffee
Desayuno con mis padres
Hacky sack… oh yes
Communal slurpees with pink straws
Being OCD about the SBemail
Speedy McChoozesquick
The Source (the power of prayer)
Nikki’s rights to speech
Seeing Al @ the Tav
Taking time to live the fairy tale (being real about the unreal)
The Polka stylings of Don Needzsomevowelsinhislastname
The NFL and CFC
Talking to Brent together
Praying for Brent
The playground
Losing tick-tac-toe
On top of the monkey bars
The rabbit in the moon
Extra dayz (I’m such a fan of more Sarah)
Not being with Sarah 1st thing in the morning
Not making each other Punk anymore
Ragamuffin love songs
Songs from the Basement
The Red Eye
Seeing my pals off to Lael
Amon Burr and Sarah’s mad <0/\/v3|254710/\/4|_ skillz
1/3 of the Usual Suspects
Staying up all nite
Slips of the tongue
Singing to Sarah’s tears
Looking like a battered wife
The “Cute” song
The Men’s breakfast
Morning breath
Reading the Bible together
Pausing the CD to talk and never getting back to it all the way down to Ann Arbor
Hanging out with Trish and Marc
Pretty much every moment together
Patience with Joy

2 Responses to “Score”

  1. 1 ivy September 18, 2005 at 8:13 pm

    i could say more, but *awww* sums it up better.

    i need to call u sometime.

  2. 2 nechmada October 25, 2006 at 12:16 am

    I miss this, too…

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