Five hours of sleep Could be more And could be les…

Five hours of sleep
Could be more
And could be less
It’s not even light out yet
On any other day I’d want nothing more
Than to bury my head again and
Ditch consciousness like a kid brother
But today
I am in love

This plastic carton of blueberries
On a closer look
Turned out be just grapes
There was no cream in the refrigerator anyway
So I set it aside and underneath
Fresh strawberries
Today they taste so sweet
Pure, like a major 7th chord
I leave the bag of processed sugar

On days like today
When life’s hard edge
Is dulled
Struck against my resolve
When sleep
Is an insignificant raindrop
Because my waking dreams
Are more vivid than rainbows
When your kiss is only days from my lips
I climb the dawn triumphant
Content in this crisp air and dim light
Knowing what’s to come

1 Response to “Five hours of sleep Could be more And could be les…”

  1. 1 nechmada October 16, 2005 at 10:51 pm

    I love you, Billy Chia.

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