On Papal Indulgences

I haven’t updated in a while. Getting ready to move has been an all consuming task. Perhaps the majority of that time was spent finishing Samurai Vain. It was very important for me to do that before leaving and being able to watch it with Ivy, Michelle, and Blue before leaving has defiantly made the chunks of time editing, time very well spent.

Spending the last two weekends with Sarah was something I think I needed. God knew I was going to crack under the burden of longing and desire so He opened the door for us to be together. The different kinds of time were also so vital. When she came to Michigan last weekend we spent almost the entire time alone. It was a very special time that grew our love for each other. This past weekend we spent almost the entire time around other people. This kind of time together with others was equally as vital to our relationship and is why we are where we are today on Monday. If we’d spent another weekend on our own or spent last one without all of our alone time we would not be as in love as we are right now at this moment.

Three things are indescribable, four that I can’t explain:

My love for Sarah
What it’s like being loved by her
How much I want to dance and praise God
And meeting Eve-Marie

Be careful what you pray for. God is able to provide exceedingly more that we ask or even imagine. Some of my more desperate, intense prayer has been for God to bless my time with Eve-Marie and with Sarah and Eve-Marie this weekend. God took my prayer and answered so resoundingly beyond my wildest imagination I have a new definition for Makarios, with means “blessed” or “happy.” It’s as though I didn’t even know what happiness was before this weekend.

God has pretty awesome timing. This weekend was only so special because of everything God has already done between Sarah and I and could not have happened sooner.

There are too many special memories to recount and some a much too intimate to recount here. I’ll just say that I highly recommend playing the Peanut Butter and Jelly game and My Little Pony with three people.

To add an awesome final blessing to the weekend I was able to stop at Concordia in Ann Arbor to see Emo and drop him a copy of Samurai Vain. After we hung out I spent some time wandering around campus and living in some good memories.

When I went to school there Titus dorm has been closed for several years. They re-opened it my Junior year. I was the RA in the dorm and my best friend Kermit was the SLR. Kermit, built an enormous 15 foot cross. Everyone in the dorm burned their names in the back of it with a wood burner and we hung it in the dorm. That cross is still there in the common area. It was very powerful to see all of the students who added their names our cross over the years. I miss Kermit.
God was also faithful to raise up an apartment for me to live in Newburgh, very close to Sarah’s house. I’ll be moving down on a week from tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to saying all the “see ya later”s I’ll be saying over this week. I think part of why God gave me such a happy weekend was to prepare my heart for the pain of leaving Saginaw. I am looking forward to living near Sarah and seeing our relationship move into the next stage. God could not have provided a better introduction for Eve-Marie and I and now I’m looking forward to us getting to know each other more.

Happy Reformation day kids. God is pretty sw33t.


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