Flowin’ the Spirit…

Sometimes I preach well because I’m very prepared. Sometimes I preach well just becuase God’s given me a gift for it. (BTW you do well at anything when God’s given you the gift and you use it) and today I preached well simply becuase so many people were lifting me up in prayer. God was crazy present in worship this morning. It was awesome. I got some kewl compliments…
“I was really convicted” – BJ, the Worship Leader
“The Spirit really used you today” – My pal John
“I didn’t want you to stop” – Sarah

Compliments I don’t like tend to be like “You are really good at preaching!” or like “You did a really good job!” Like I appreciate it, but I want people to enjoy a message because God moves in thier heart, not because of my exhibition of talent, ya know?

My favorite compliment on a message remains:
“You smacked me in the face, knocked me down a hill and into the mud!” – M*chelle (paraphrased)

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  1. 1 nechmada December 5, 2005 at 8:34 pm

    God’s still using your words even today. Cause we’re not just Christians for an hour on Sunday, right?

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