I like Christmas

Christmas was pretty awesome this year. I miss my family and friends in michigan tons. Maybe sometime I’ll make it home again…
I was most excited to be reminded of what Christmas is truely all about. ME! (and you too I guess.) It’s because God loves you and me so much that he sent Jesus as a helpless infant. You are the reason for the season. You are the reason Jesus came.
I love Sarah’s family. It was super nice to hang out at Tom and Margie’s house all day, and all the more joyful because Josh was hanging out. I like Josh a lot and I can see why Sarah loves him so much. Eve-Marie makes a lot more sense to me now that I’ve seen her and Josh togther.
We watched some Christmas Story and played “Here and Now” Monopoly. You get pretty pround of your six-year-old when she can do math into the millions of dollars. That crafy dealer came in second place.
Sarah’s the best wife ever. I can’t wait for Ashlyn to be born. I made a lot of money at work today and that feels great. I’m sick as all get our right now and I really need to get some sleep.


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