For My Beautiful, Detail-Oriented Wife

Yes, what follows is the actual IM conversation Sarah and I had on 11/05/05

lovedbyGod19: and I was looking at all the stuff in Home Depot and thinking about us
Marzipan8712: what kinda stuff?
lovedbyGod19: well like hardware for like cupboards or lighting fixutures
lovedbyGod19: or like I was curious which kinda kitchen faucet you’d like more
lovedbyGod19: 1 or 2?
Marzipan8712: if a gang of hooligans strapped me down and forced me to choose….
Marzipan8712: 1
lovedbyGod19: lol
Marzipan8712: I don’t care much for yellow gold color.
Marzipan8712: (hint, hint…)
lovedbyGod19: what ever are you talking about?
lovedbyGod19: I absoluting can’t figure it out
lovedbyGod19: this was not at all concocked in anyway to find out if you like yellow gold color
Marzipan8712: but honestly…I don’t like the way the sprayer hose is all exposed like that. it looks messy to me.
Marzipan8712: lol
Marzipan8712: you’re a dork.
Marzipan8712: I can’t believe I fell for that~
lovedbyGod19: LOL
lovedbyGod19: did you seriously?
Marzipan8712: yes
lovedbyGod19: (my dad and I really did go to Home Depot and the fixutres n’ such did make me think about you)
lovedbyGod19: but that faucet’s really ugly and it the only one I could find on the website
Marzipan8712: you’re pretty sneaky
Marzipan8712: I’m really glad you think it’s ugly
Marzipan8712: now you just have to figure out what cut I like, and you’re all set
lovedbyGod19: yeah I had a more elaborae scheme for that
Marzipan8712: ah…except now I’m onto you!
lovedbyGod19: well, more elaborate, and WAY more obvious
Marzipan8712: ok
Marzipan8712: so…yeah…I’ve never reallythought about comparing our preferences for faucets.
lovedbyGod19: well like given that I really like alot of yr home decor now, I didn’t think it’d be an issue
Marzipan8712: right.
lovedbyGod19: hehe
lovedbyGod19: so I uh… created some art
Marzipan8712: uh…ok…
lovedbyGod19: yeah ya know absctract kinda stuff
lovedbyGod19: which one do you like best?
Marzipan8712: which one do YOU like best?
lovedbyGod19: LOL
Marzipan8712: I’m not sure I understand the message behind them. I need the artists explanation.
Marzipan8712: Abstract art was always hard for me….
lovedbyGod19: lol
lovedbyGod19: oh man I love you so much
Marzipan8712: like the round follows the rule of thirds, so the piece as a whole is very appealing.
Marzipan8712: and a circle of course, is a symbol of eternal perfection.
lovedbyGod19: oh? I didn’t know that
lovedbyGod19: cuz the ones entitled “emeral” and “princess” have nothing to do whatsoever in the way something might be cut
Marzipan8712: cut?
lovedbyGod19: yeah
Marzipan8712: what medium did you use for these?
lovedbyGod19: It 100% vector graphics from paint shop pro
lovedbyGod19: I know it totlaly looks photorealistic
Marzipan8712: I have no idea what that means
Marzipan8712: so you never told me which art piece was your own favorite.
lovedbyGod19: well “Sarah” means “princess” in hebrew so I kinda liked the peice entiled that
lovedbyGod19: but ya know rule of thirds, that round piece if up there wiith picasso
Marzipan8712: yeah…that’s attractive, too.
Marzipan8712: actually, the round doesn’t QUITE match the thirds, and neither does the square, but they’re both close.
Marzipan8712: actually…the square may be closer to being on…
Marzipan8712: but now I’m getting nitpicky.
lovedbyGod19: yeah
Marzipan8712: like I kinda feel bad telling you which of your art is better than the others.
Marzipan8712: cause like I said…you’re the artist, and you know more about each piece than I do.
lovedbyGod19: lol I think it’s kewl
Marzipan8712: I think YOU’RE kewl.
Marzipan8712: and competely sexy
lovedbyGod19: I love you
lovedbyGod19: a lot
Marzipan8712: you do?
Marzipan8712: I never woulda guessed it by the way you create art for me.

2 Responses to “For My Beautiful, Detail-Oriented Wife”

  1. 1 klampert July 10, 2007 at 7:58 am

    thats funny…was she hinting at asking for a ring? princess emerald…

  2. 2 Billy Chia July 10, 2007 at 11:28 am

    No, Sarah didn’t really hint. We had a plethora of open and honest conversations about marriage in general before we ever talked about us being married. Then we had tons of those.

    Sarah had no idea when I was actually going to propose and it was still a surprise when I did so a month later.

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