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Here are my thoughts and highlights from Haggai as I continue my journey through the Bible:

  • Haggai means “Feast” or “Festive” or maybe “Party?”
  • Haggai writes after the Babylonia captivity. Contemporary of Zechariah
  • He is very precise with his dates:
    • August 29, 520 B.C. (1:1)
    • September 21 (1:15)
    • October 17 (2:1)
    • December 18 (2:10, 20)
  • Likewise the book is fragmented as though Haggai is listing his sermon notes from those dates, but we don’t get the whole story.
  • People actually listened to Haggai. What made him effective when most prophets were ignored or killed? Perhaps because he appealed to the leadership (Joshua and Zerubbabel) specifically rather than everyone generally?
  • A cursory glance at this book seems to yield the message:
    • Build God a pretty, expensive building
    • God will give you monetary and physical blessing (more land, more crops, more wine, more gold) if you do
    • God will take take away these things if you don’t
  • I don’t totally understand the whole “holy” “unholy” analogy/argumentation he makes.


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