The Turning Rocks Renown

Last night I checked out The Turning at Shae’s Express. On Thursday nights a group of people meets there called Renown. After The Turning played a few songs Angus (how cool is that name?!) took the stage to lead a discussion on transparency and being real. It was good stuff, but I had to jet out early because I had a phone-date with my wife. (Free cell minutes after nine right.)

I was really impressed by The Turning. These guys are a professional band from Nashville and they rock. The last time I saw them play was at a festival in Indiana to a crowd of a couple thousand. It was awesome that they were willing to drive down to Huntsville to rock out a coffee shop for a crowd of less than 50.

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  1. 1 Al & Wilma January 26, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    great to see you back blogging

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