The Good of Insult to Injury

Wednesday I pushed the power button on my computer and nothing happened.

I pushed it again.



The network was down and to add insult to injury my computer dies. Blah.

Well after many days of toil I found out that many of the problems were caused when ATT upgraded our account and switched us from a single static IP configuration to a multiple static IPs configuration. The network is now up and running and everyone else can get on it except for me. Because my computer is dead.

So I show up to band practice wildly unprepared. The server room dust still clung to the lenses of my glasses as I attempted to apologize to my band as to why their music wasn’t in the right key.

On a “normal” work week one of the things I do is transpose the songs into the right keys. I’m getting better at transposing on the fly in my head, but for some songs I only have them in G or D so that I can capo. I make an extra copy for the band transposed into the real key the song is in. We wasted a lot of time at practice writing in the chords.

Then the cool thing.

My bass player says, “Can you email me the chord charts and I’ll transpose them?”

So I sent them from my home computer and he transposed them and sent them out to the rest of the band. A very rockin’ thing to do.

Some times we have no idea what we are capable of doing until technology breaks and we’re forced to learn something new. (Like configuring a network.)

Sometimes we have no idea what others are capable of doing until technology breaks and we’re forced to rely on them. (Like transposing chord sheets.)

Hmm… I wonder what else I can break?!

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  1. 1 nicoleneff May 16, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Not everyone would have been able to think about it this way. It definitely shows that you look outside of yourself, and I think we could all learn from your mindset this week. Very cool.

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