The Differece of One Nice Person

I have been a long-time Sprint cellphone customer. The voice quality on their network has always been noticeably better than the rest.

Recently I’ve had terrible customer relations problems with them. I decided to simply cancel my account. This led to more frustration as I dealt with a difficult cancellation department. I was at a point of such deep disappointment that I planned on canceling my phone and never choosing Sprint again.

Until today.

I talked to amazing customer service rep who came up with a creative solution to my problem. Even though I’ve talked to 15 reps that were all frustrating, this one rep got me on track. She has redeemed Sprint’s name in my mind.

Sometimes It only take one nice person to make a difference.

A lot of churches are like Sprint. They are full of broken people that do a terrible job at “customer relations.” After all, we’re all human and we all have bad days. Sometimes someone can interact with the church and get spiritually beat up by 15 negative people. For that person they may simply need one nice person to offer some spiritual encouragement and that would make all the difference in the world.

Today you have the oppertunity to be that one person in your world.

Will you take it?

3 Responses to “The Differece of One Nice Person”

  1. 1 Sarah Chia May 28, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    But see… you’re so forgiving.

    To me, that 1 nice person was like… “okay…it’s about time Spring gets an employee that knows what she’s doing. They are so lame!”

    I have a feeling more people feel that way toward the church, too. Otherwise you wouldn’t hear so much bitterness toward Christians. There are tons of great Christians out there that show God’s love every day, but the impact is made more by the ones who push their own agenda in his name.

  2. 2 A. May 28, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    That reminds me of my luck with Charter’s cable internet lately. I talked to several people between live chat & phone conversations, & still my internet isn’t working. I gave up though & talked to the absolute nicest person from Bellsouth/AT&T & will have DSL internet in a few days! This customer service person was so nice I’m wondering when something will go wrong!

    I hear you about relating this to churches though… Must. Change. That. YES!

  3. 3 brunettekoala May 29, 2008 at 9:42 am

    I hear you too.

    Sometimes I wonder why I go to church, when it does anything but encourage me, and days when I wonder if I have a different bible from everybody else.

    Then I remember that I’m just as messsed up, and there are those people who do make all the difference.

    I love the motto of ‘Evan Almighty’ – changing the world one single act of random kindess at a time…

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