The Worship Round Table 1 Agenda

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Tonight’s the first night that we’re trying out this experiment of uniting the worshipers and the worship team in a conversation and brainstorming process.  We’re looking to share stories, discover unifying themes, and brainstorm ways to encourage powerful worship within the walls of Chase Valley and throughout the lives of our people.

Below you can see my agenda for the evening:

The Worship Round Table 1

Igniting Powerful Worship Experiences


5:30pm – Set Up Crew Arrives: 4 Tables close to the stage. (Expecting 20 -30 people attending with 5 – 8 people per table.) A display on each table shows the “Goals” for the evening. A large white board on stage. Only First few rows of chairs removed. (Leave other sections of chairs in tact.)

6:30pm – Dinner/Fellowship begins – Informal, “Coffee House” atmosphere. We are sharing a meal and sharing conversation together.

6:45pm Intro – Explain format, Set goals, Pass out feedback cards

Format: Tonight we’ll go on a 3-part conversational journey together as a group.  Each table small group will choose a recorder and a reporter. (It can be the same person.) I’ll ask some questions and as each question is asked your table group will share, discuss, and come up with as many rapid-fire answers to the question as possible. Your recorder will write down all of the table groups answers. Then we’ll take it to the large group to report. The reporter for each table reads the list of answers. Billy will write them on the large white board for everyone to see.

1. Share Stories of Worship
2. Discover Unifying Themes – (What people do in the “down time” while another table is sharing for the large group. Every single person has an active role all night.)
3. Brainstorm New Ideas for CVC (Let the stories “seed” your creativity.)Feedback Cards:
Each person gets a 3×5 card. Write your name and email (or phone number) on the card. Set it aside. We’ll use them later.

7pm – Dismiss Kids for children’s programming

7 – 7:20pm Part 1 – Share Stories

1. Table Group: Think about a time when you had a very powerful worship experience. Share When and Where this happened? (3 min.)

2. Table Group: Why was it a powerful experience? What made that experience so powerful? (10 min.) Answer with, “My worship experience was powerful because…”

3. Large Group: Report and list on white board what made experiences powerful. (7 min.)

7:25 – 7:35pm Part 2 – Unified Themes

Large Group: What are the unifying themes that are developing? What are some of the common threads in these stories? (Shout out answers and Billy will write them on the white board.) (10 min.)

7:35 – 7:55  Part 3 – Brainstorm Ideas

4. What could we do as individuals and as a community to encourage powerful worship experiences?

Answer the question “Wouldn’t it be cool if we…”  Write down as many ideas as your group can come up with. No idea is a bad idea. If you think it, share it. Even if it sounds dumb or silly. (If you hear an idea that’s dumb or silly, let it fly, encourage it, let it spark your creativity.)  Share with the group. Imagine that money and resources are no object. (15 Min.)

Share ideas with large group (5 min)

7:55 – Wrap Up/Bonus Question

Next Step I will email everyone who participated a copy of everything written on the white board. Begin praying “God, out of all these ideas, which is the best of best of the best? What are you calling us as a community and me as an individual to do differently?” During this prayer time over this list choose the 3 most compelling ideas for you. Email me and tell me how God is answering that prayer in your life. Talk to each other about how God answers this prayer. Let’s keep the conversation going.

We’ve spent all evening talking as a group, now let’s spend some solitude time in prayer one on one with God. Answer the question, “What do we need to talk about next month?” Write the answer on your 3×5 card to turn in.

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    Great idea Billy.

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    hey, this’ll be great. can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

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    Hi, Im Jenny.

    I just found your blog. Good stuff!

    I look forward to reading your blog and taking some tips on blogging from you.

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