Whiteboard 1 – Stories of Powerful Worship

In this section of the whiteboard participants at The Worship Round Table were asked to share a story about a time when they experienced powerful worship. As people shared around the table they were asked to finished the statement, “My worship was powerful because…” Table leaders recorded everyone’s response and then shared with the larger group while I chronicled responses on the whiteboard.

I used the the table leader’s notes as well as the written statements on the whiteboard to compile the list below. I’ve tried to loosely categorize these to make the list easier to interact with. Do you see entries that belong in another section or could fit into multiple sections?

  • the Holy Spirit fell strongly
  • God spoke to me
  • God ripped my heart out
  • The Holy Spirit filled me
  • God met me where I was
  • there was unity
  • God surprised us

(Note that these responses show God’s influence or impact on our worship.)

  • I experienced love
  • I was able to worship for a full hour
  • I knew what the songs were about
  • I realized I’m not in charge
  • I got married
  • I knew my state before God
  • I understood God’s cleansing
  • I understood communion
  • I sang to the Lord
  • I experienced God’s touch
  • I was in God’s presence
  • I surrendered completely
  • I took a class
  • I felt God’s touch during my son’s baptism
  • I focused on God
  • I was alone with God
  • I was able to meditate on the words of the songs
  • I had freedom

(Note that these responses show intentional effort or awareness on the part on the individual worshiper.)

  • it was scriptural
  • it was visible
  • the saxophone was beautiful
  • there were meaningful decorations
  • it was unpredictable
  • it was new
  • it was unexpected

(Note that these responses show that leading, planning and execution made a difference in the worship service.)

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on The Worship Round Table Responses


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