Worship Tour Recap

This week we had 2 Chase Valley worship teams. One led worship at Chase and the other led worship at Trinity in Columbia, TN. Here’s the music:

Chase Team:

  • Awesome God (Your Voice) – Vicky Beeching
  • Your Grace is Enough – Matt Maher
  • Kindness – Chris Tomlin
  • Unfailing Love -Chris Tomlin
  • Hallelujah – Jonas Myrin, Marty Sampson

Trinity Team:

  • Jesus Paid It All – Kristian Stanfill
  • Come Thou Font – Billy Chia
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
  • Hosanna – Brooke Fraser
  • From the Inside Out – Joel Houston

Worship went great at Trinity. We got a really positive response. It was powerful to worship with another church and get a real sense of how deep and wide the body of Christ is. I broke a string and didn’t have a back up – I had to skip out on the cool solos I figured out for Hosanna and Inside Out. Was not a big deal.

On the home front I heard things went well and I’m looking foward to debrienfing further with the team. There was a bit of a mix up with offering. Was proabably not a big deal.

The big deal was getting on the road with my team and having the priviledge of rinding in the car with them for an hour. It was It was seeing my drummer tune an unfamilar drum set in about 3.2 seconds and being able to leave the stage to track down a guitar string (that didn’t exist) while my team kept playing.

I’m pretty pumped and pretty worn out. I’m looking foward to being back at Chase Valley next week.

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