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I Adopted My Daughter Today!!

Evie and Dad

We just got back from court and Eve-Marie is now legally my daughter! We’ve always been a family from the day Sarah and I got married, but now it’s official. It’s been a long and crazy journey to get here – none of which I’ve blogged about, but now that we’re finally here it’s amazing.

We thoroughly prepped Evie for court to ensure she’d show politeness to the Judge. Our lawyer told us what the questions would be –

Judge: Would you like me to make this man here your daddy?

Eve-Maire: Yes sir!

But he didn’t ask that!!

Instead he asked, “What do you think of this man here?”

We hadn’t prepped her for that.

Evie, thought for a moment, and then went on and on about how happy I make her and how she feels when I’m around. Sarah started to cry. Then the Judge almost started to cry!

It was awesome.

Afterward we ate some skittles, and we’re out to Chic-fil-a tonight to celebrate!

You can read Sarah’s post about today here.


Thankful for Godly Women

Godly Women

My wife just spent a week back in Evansville. She got to connect with some of her good friends Kara, Elaine and others while she was up there. I’m am so absolutely thankful for these Godly women who are able to speak wisdom into my wife’s life Titus 2 style.

Barbie on My Toe

Barbie Toe

I love flip flops in the summer.

Even if it does lead to the occasional cut or stubbed toe.

I love being the father of 2 daughters.

Even if it does lead to a limited bandaid selection.

All Moved In

This weekend I moved my family down to Alabama. It rocks.

The move was relatively painless. We had many people helping us out. Even the weather seemed to cooporate. Torrential amounts of rain mysteriously seemed to stop at just the right time when we needed to load or unload the truck.

The fun part happened when we showed up to the apartment and signed our lease. We got our keys and went out to meet the small army gathered near the Uhaul that had shown up to help us move in.  We put the key in the lock, turned it, and nothing happened. We had like 20 people standing around and no access to the apartment. My resourceful buddy Tim broke in through an unlatched window and the rest of the unloading went off with out a hitch 🙂 We got a new working key the next day.

I love having my family down with me. Man, I missed those girls like crazy.

I Spilled the Beans

I was planning on surprising Sarah by driving home Tuesday for our anniversary. (We’ll be married two years on March 11th.) Tonight while we were talking on the phone I couldn’t hold it in and just told her I was planning on coming home. She was so bummed about not spending our anniversary together. I didn’t want her to spend two more days all down about it. Now she’ll have two days of excitment looking forward to being with me.

I can’t wait to see her again.

My Daughter Schooled Me

Eve-Marie doesn’t quite understand hyperbole yet…

Me: Being your dad is the best thing in the world.

Eve: No, it’s not.

Me: Yes, it is. You girls are awesome.

Eve: No, it’s not.

Sarah: What is then?

Eve: That we have the opportunity to trust in Jesus Christ as our savior before we die.

A Christmas Light Tangent

Tonight Evansville was wet. As we drove home from worship rain gushed from the sky and streamed down our windows like a never ending car wash. While driving past the neighborhood where Sarah grew up, the wavy distorted flicker of a house lit up for Christmas caught her eye through the windshield and water.

“Let’s drive through and look at Christmas lights,” Sarah says. The worst possible night for such a venture.

Our windshield wipers groaned under the strain of the relentless shower. Then, for just a moment, the rain let up and we saw the dazzle of beautiful shrubbery strung with artful lighting as well as the haphazard kitsch of inflatable snowmen and loosely strung chords shaking violently in the storm.

Each one in the family pointed out their favorites.

Mine wasn’t a decoration at all. It was the inconvenience of the moment and the beauty of sacrifice creating togetherness.


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