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Parents Rock


Well I’m a Dad and I’m pretty cool. My wife is the best mother on the planet. I love doing parenting with her. (I know “best” usually only means “one” but it’s ok if you think your wife is the best mother on the planet too.)

My parents are awesome. They just celebrated 38 years of marriage. I am a Worship Pastor today because they have always encouraged my musical and spiritual journey.

But when I talk about rockin’ parents I’m really thinking about Sarah’s mom and dad. Because of the rigmarole involved with selling our house we are in a crazy time crunch to get moved down to Huntsville. My parents-in-law are really bending over backwards to get us packed up, moved out of Evansville and moved down to Huntsville. (Tom and Margie thank you!!)

The cool news is that because of this I’ll get to move my family down next Thursday!

I’m stoked.


My Daughter Schooled Me

Eve-Marie doesn’t quite understand hyperbole yet…

Me: Being your dad is the best thing in the world.

Eve: No, it’s not.

Me: Yes, it is. You girls are awesome.

Eve: No, it’s not.

Sarah: What is then?

Eve: That we have the opportunity to trust in Jesus Christ as our savior before we die.

Foal in Paint Shop


That last video inspired me to do some airbrushing.

My daughter likes horses so I made this one for her.

Around the ‘sphere

Jeff did a cool worship leader interview with Chris. Next week is Brent, king of the mullet men.
Bobby‘s adorable giraffe and Los‘s um…princess are gonna give Conner a run for his cute-kid money.  Of course I’m pretty biased towards the cuteness of my girls.

Jeremy shot me an email about his worship song podcast. It’s inspired me to go on a songwriting rampage seriously cutting into my memorization time.  Thanx 🙂 (BTW – My baby girl loves Matt Redman’s Shine – she starts dancing every time it plays – like right now.)

The Beginings of a Rockstar

IMG_4966I promised Eve-Marie, my 7-year-old, that I’d start to teach her guitar when she finished her level 1 piano books. The other day she finished one of her books and Sarah bought the next level of piano books for her. So as a reward for learning to ride a bike I busted out my SG and taught Evie how to play Holy is the Lord. It was a glorious moment for me. I’ve given guitar lessons to more kids than I can count and always dreamed of the day I’d teach my own children.

Well it turned out I goofed. Apparently Evie didn’t finish her level 1 piano books, the book she finished is a pre-level book. So the level 1 books are really called “primers” and the level 2 books are called “level 1.” Sound confusing? Alright, it’s not just me then.

Sarah and I both want Evie to stay serious about piano so yesterday I told her that I would give her a guitar lesson only after she’d practiced the piano that day. Most days piano practicing is met with groans and whining but today Evie volunteered to practice with out coaxing. She then reminded me, “As you know, I practiced my piano today and you said you’d give me a guitar lesson when I did.”

At my house getting to practice guitar is a reward for practicing the piano. How do ya like that?

Goodbye Training Wheels!

All Dads suffer from the common lower-back pain of “stooping down to hold your child’s bike seat so they don’t fall over while they are learning to ride” -itis. After many months of this ailment my daughter took her first bike ride with out Dad’s help today:

We promised her that she could have a girly basket for her bike when she learned to ride it, so we did an awards ceremony for the bike-riding princess with all her royal subjects around as she was awarded her shiny basket of accomplishment:

Some pics of the basket on the bike:




I’m crazy proud of my girl.

I Got Puked on

How did you get woken up this morning?

More on Bad Worship Lyrics

Today I checked my site, and Laura Anne posted this comment about the song “I could sing of your love forever.” It reminded me of a great link I wanted to share. The easily offended need not click, but those seeking a hilarious romp of a post should proceed to:

Danny’s Blog Cabin – Top 5 Worst Worship Songs

At dinner last night my family was talking about all the other comments from my post on changing the lyrics to worship songs and I started signing, “Lift my hands and spin around.” I kid you not, on cue Ashlyn pumps her fist in the air:


Only 7 months old and already a worshiper. The other day I caught her trying to escape the walker to play my guitar:


You know this girl’s all about following in her dad’s footsteps. Now I just need to remember to raise her to write good lyrics.

Seven Year Miracles

Eve-Maire entered this world purple and barely alive. Throughout the labor Sarah had to lay down. The baby’s neck was noosed in her own umbilical cord and standing up caused a worrying drop in heart rate. The moments immediately following birth dragged into a tense eternity when the nurses pulled the baby from her mothers sight in order to clean her. Panicked and heartbroken, Sarah wondered is she dead? Then she heard Eve-Marie cry.

Today we celebrated Eve-Marie’s seventh birthday by going out for donuts. At breakfast Sarah shared the story of Evie’s birth. She said, “Your cries were the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard because then I knew you were alive.”

I wouldn’t know what that feels like.

I wasn’t there.

I didn’t come into Eve-Marie’s life until 5 years later. After her mother and I had met on, after we’d built a friendship that turned into a relationship, after we’d dated secretly telling Eve-Maire this guy from the computer that mommy hangs out with was, “just a friend,” to protect her fragile heart in the event that things didn’t work out.

At breakfast this morning I told the story of the first time I met Eve-Marie.

That first day I sat cross-legged on the floor as she showed me the toys in her bedroom. She turned around, looked at me in those fresh moments of our relationship, crawled into my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, “You’d be just perfect for my daddy.”

Then she asked, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

I’d fallen in love with Sarah before I’d ever met Eve-Marie. I’d been praying over pictures of her for months seeking God’s will desperately and the moment was too much for me to handle. As I wiped away tears Evie ran to tell Sarah, “I have an idea who could be my daddy, he could be my daddy.”

When I proposed to Sarah I gave Eve-Marie a ring too. When we wrote our wedding vows I committed myself to Sarah as a husband and to Eve-Marie as a father.

I love my little girl.

Today was a special day.

My Daughter’s iHumor

Eve-Marie told me this joke:

What do you get when a dragon breathes on a Mac?

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When the Water Park Closes

Today we created our own homegrown waterpark.

Sarah and I agreed to leave the computer off all day and spend some family time together. We thought it’d be fun to go to a real water park but apparently they’re only open on the the weekend.

This is what we resorted to:

(It was a ridiculous amount of fun)


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Mark Driscoll Loves My Coffee Cup


At which point my 6-year-old daughter walks in and says, “Hey, that’s my cup!”

After coffee I went outside to install some bigger subwoofers into my retarded car.

How to Teach Kids Photography: Composition – Part 1

Bad Photo Example

If you, or a child you know, take(s) poor quality photographs don’t worry. Help is on the way. Billy Chia’s How to Teach Kids Photography tutorials are simple, real-life tips and tricks for increasing your photography skills one step at a time in child sized chunks.

Today’s tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • Filling the frame
  • Breaking the frame (Open Composition)
  • Not Breaking the frame (Closed Composition)

Follow the narrative to learn how to take better pictures by incorporating these elements of composition.

Warning: Eve-Marie’s self-portraits may cause you to fall out of your computer chair with laughter.
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Father’s Day, Baptism and Trendy Books

In a Pit - coverIn a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson arrived in the mail today. My wife handed it to me and said, “Happy Father’s day!” I get presents early and late. My family rocks.

Sarah received This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley from the UPS man, and already cracked into it. Continue reading ‘Father’s Day, Baptism and Trendy Books’

New Bike

Eve-Marie and Ashlyn got me the best father’s day present. (And one day early no less.)
New Bike

What makes this present extra cool is that Continue reading ‘New Bike’

How to Teach Kids Photography: Perspective – Part 1

If you, or a child you know, take(s) poor quality photographs don’t worry. Help is on the way. Most people take bad pictures because all their pictures look same. The average person takes a picture by standing about 7-10 feet away from their subject matter and holding the camera at eye level. This results in the same old boring shots. One of the simplest and easiest ways to take more interesting photos is…
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Ashlyn’s Restaurant

Who likes whiny babies? I don’t.

This morning Ashlyn wouldn’t simmer down so I started to play her my rendition of an Arlo Guthrie tune, I just change the words a bit. She loved it. As soon as I stopped playing she got all whinified again. Then her mom could deal with her. Sarah commented, “Man, such a daddy’s girl today.”

I loved it.


Ashlyn Sydelle Chia:
Born Jan 17, 2007 at 5:17PM
7 lbs. 15oz.
She’s got my looks; God help her. At least she got her mother’s ears.

Sarah was induced at 4:30AM. It took a while for the labor to really kick in. We watched movies and played UNO. After the contractions really fired up then it didn’t take that long. I’ve never seen Sarah be so brave. I was completely in awe of strong she is. She fought the contractions with out any kind of pain killers all the way up until 8 centimeters. I told Sarah she should ditch her amateur status and go pro because she was PHENOMINAL at doing labor. Sarah said she needs to keep her amateur status to compete in the Olympics. Many thanks go out to our doula, Andie. We couldn’t have done it with out her.
The first time I heard Ashyln cry it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. (I know that won’t last long.) She was a totally healthy baby and took to breast feeding extremely well. She even let her dad put her to sleep and cart her off to the nursery without a fuss.

Here are some pics. Enjoy.


Happiest News Ever

We are now a family of four.
The due date is January 25th.
I think it looks like me.

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Lazy Sunday afternoon. Posted by Picasa


Today I met mostly likely the biggest challenge I have ever come up against in my entire life… being left in charge of Eve-Marie by myself for 3 hours while Sarah was at class. Nothing really hard even happened, I just had some trouble getting Evie to eat dinner, but seriously, when she finally did it I felt like a million dollars. We played a lot after that. It rocked. I love that girl and I’m crazy in love with her mom.


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