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I Spilled the Beans

I was planning on surprising Sarah by driving home Tuesday for our anniversary. (We’ll be married two years on March 11th.) Tonight while we were talking on the phone I couldn’t hold it in and just told her I was planning on coming home. She was so bummed about not spending our anniversary together. I didn’t want her to spend two more days all down about it. Now she’ll have two days of excitment looking forward to being with me.

I can’t wait to see her again.


2 Years Ago Today

IMG_5159I proposed to Sarah.

The night before I’d taken the chocolate out of her Starbucks Advent calendar and replaced it with a clue. That one led to another clue. The hunt took her all around the house and even online to some websites I’d made. It eventually led back to the calendar where I hid the ring in the box for Dec. 24th.

After the hunt Sarah wrote, “The beginning of the rest of our lives,” on the side of the box for the 11th. This year we socked the calendar Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Rollos and Hershey’s Kisses. Today Sarah and I shared 2 Kisses during our morning coffee. I took a picture of the calendar and we reminisced in how awesome the last two years have been.


It’s the little things that make Sarah such an awesome wife.

I just got done eating some really tasty zucchini.

Awhile ago I mentioned how much I love the zucchini at Biaggi’s and since then Sarah’s cooked it several times.

She always pays attention to small details and I love that about her.

Driscoll on Pastors’ Wives

The Acts 29 Network posted an excellent audio clip of Mark Driscoll speaking on the role of a Pastor’s Wife. My favorite parts included:

I need [my wife] to hold me.

Anyone else can play piano or answer the phone, but nobody else can be my wife. I can delegate a lot of things but as soon as you delegate “wife” you have real trouble.

Sarah and I listened to it together and at one point an “Amen” even slipped out of her at the truth of Driscoll’s words.

If you are in ministry and married, you need to listen to this with your spouse.

What’s your advice for success as a pastor’s wife?

When the Water Park Closes

Today we created our own homegrown waterpark.

Sarah and I agreed to leave the computer off all day and spend some family time together. We thought it’d be fun to go to a real water park but apparently they’re only open on the the weekend.

This is what we resorted to:

(It was a ridiculous amount of fun)


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Love Song for Sarah

When I first met Sarah I wrote this chord progression on the piano for her. I used to play it everyday and pray for her. After a while I put lyrics to the song.

Sarah was the first in our relationship to actually say the words, “I love you.” In fact she didn’t really mean to, they just slipped out one day when we were gazing deeply into each other’s eyes.

I didn’t say, “I love you” back.

Instead, I took her hand, pulled her over to the piano, and played this song.

(my voice cracks a bit but that’s what it use to sound like when I’d sing it and pray for her. I wrote the lyrics to the bridge after we got married.)

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Wedding as Worship Part 7

When Sarah and I were planning our wedding we decided we wanted the event to be first and foremost a service of corporate worship to God and only a wedding on secondary level.

This is the 7th of 7 sections of video from our wedding on March 11th, 2006 to show what that looked like.

Part 7 – The Kiss:

Exit Tune: Beautiful Day – U2

Eve-Marie was so cute. Her job was to drop rose pedals on the way in so she thought she’d pick them up on the way out.


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