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Sunday Setlist and Safety First!

Today I led worship in Kidstown (the children’s minstry at SC3) I had a blast – along with getting to hang out with my daughter I got to wear this cool lanyard:


Today we sang

  • Pharoah Pharoah – old skewl bible camp version
  • Your Name – Paul Blaloche

At Summit they do Big Idea style ministry (which makes me absolutely love the children’s ministry!) Right now the adults are going through Exodus, so the kids are too. It’s pretty rocking to read the Bible together at home as a family and have it tie into what’s going on in corporate worship on Sunday in ALL the evironments.

More worship setlists from today here.


Sunday Setlist

I played electric guitar today at SC3. It was a blast, here’s the set –

  • The Lovliest Sound – Starfield
  • Glorious – Tomlin
  • Take my Life – Tomlin
  • Surrender – Jeremy Camp
  • Let it Rise – Holland Davis

Man it was nice being back on stage to help lead worship again. Today was probably the most laid back experience I’ve ever had playing on any worship team I’ve ever been on. They just have their stuff together at Summit. There’s lots of folks on the team who have been doing it for a long time and everyone was so professional. (The Drummer today actually played Djembe in the Elder’s living room at the very first service 5 years ago when the church was planted.)

I LOVE playing guitar 2. Today we had acoustic and lead electric along with my rhythm electric. This is such a fun position to play because you get to add a lot of nuanced parts. The main structure of the song isn’t relying on your part, but it just gives the mix that little something extra. It’s like being the special sauce.

Let it Rise really torn it up today. They rock pretty hard most Sundays at Summit but this song just took it to the next level. At rehearsal Patrick, our worship pastor, said to the lead gutiar, “You have the GREEN LIGHT – I wanna hear Def Leapord going on during this song!” It was tons of fun and the people were just lovin’ it.

Of course we all know God smiles when he hears guitar solos in church ūüôā

Check out more setlist mainia at Fred

O Come Emmanuel – Rocked Out

One of my last Sundays at Chase. You have to check out the awesome counter melody from 2:50  to the end.

Leaving Chase Valley Church

I’m writing this post with a morose, but peaceful heart. Today was my last Sunday as the Worship Arts Pastor at Chase Valley. One week earlier I turned in a letter of resignation to the leadership. I didn’t want to but out of obedience to God I had to. I know I am following God’s will in this. It doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Chase Valley has gone through a lot of painful staff changes. I said that it was my goal to leave with the least amount of hurt and that I was willing to do anything to help transition the ministry. The leadership felt that it would be best if I made today my last Sunday. I submitted to their decision. 

My final setlist for Chase Valley was

  • I Am Free – Egan
  • Adonai – Badham, Fieldes
  • O Come Emmanuel – Chia
  • God of Wonders – Byrd
  • Once Again – Redman
  • All Creatures of Our God and King – Crowder

I didn’t plan for this to be my last Sunday – these just happen to be the songs I already had scheduled this week. You can see more setlists from other worship leaders at my friend Fred’s blog.

Why I’m Not Leaving

If you’ve read my blog or attended Chase Valley you know things have been rough. There has been interpersonal conflict and financial struggle. None of those reasons are why I have chosen to resign. In fact conflict and struggle are what I signed up for. I knew Chase Valley was facing hurt and hardship before I arrived.¬†A huge reason why I came was because I wanted to minister in this situation. I felt called and¬†equipped¬†to do so.¬†

I love the people of Chase Valley. I love my worship team. I love my ministry. 

So What’s the Problem?

I have a high ethic of supporting leadership fully. The fact is that the senior pastors have a vision for the church that I cannot in good¬†conscience¬†support. I would be¬†disobedient¬†to God if I did. It’s not a bad vision. They have a Godly vision that¬†authentically¬†matches their gifts, talents, experiences and calling. Unfortunately it runs contrary to what God has gifted, equipped and called me to do.¬†

Two visions Рboth good, but both very different. 

The moral choice was to step aside and let them lead the church where they believe Christ wants it to go. 

The Masses vs The Margins

These differences in vision logically breed separate philosophies of worship. The senior pastors are called to the masses – to “cast as wide a net as possible.” The ethic here is to format a worship service that has the absolute broadest appeal and “offers something for everyone.” It’s not a bad philosophy and many churches are successful using it.

My calling on the other hand is to create new, innovative and different forms of worship. Rather than appeal to the masses, my goal is to reach out to the margins Рthe people no one else is reaching. If you want to reach the people no one else is reaching you need to do what no one else is doing.

A call to the masses vs a call to the margins – one does what is most popular, one does what is least popular. One seeks to follow in what is tried and proven while the other seeks to lead into uncharted territory. The world needs both kinds of churches.

The Next Step

I really don’t have any plans at this point. God told me to resign and I followed in obedience without knowing what the path would look like. Sarah and I have discussed other churches in town we’d like to visit in order to find one where we could serve Christ wholeheartedly. I’ll be posting later on the process of finding a church.

For now my hope is for the full success of Chase Valley. The Senior Pastors have assured me of their confidence in their vision – that they fully and confidently believe the church will make a turn to become a growing chruch again.

On the Fly

Sunday Setlist

  • Everyday – Joel Houston
  • O Come Emmanuel – Billy Chia
  • Offering – Paul Baloche
  • Jesus Paid it All – Kristin Stanfil
  • Glory in the Highest – Chris Tomlin
  • My Hope is Built on Nothing Less – Billy Chia

Had some media challenges today. I was introing the Christmas verse to offering and asked the tech to put the words on the screen. But they didn’t go up. I asked people to help me sing it because this verse always chokes me up. (Yes, I know I’m a pansy sap. I’m ok with that.) Well this verse didn’t get up while we sang it either. Made for an awkward moment.

During the sermon I checked inwith the tech and found out that verse didn’t make it into the Media Shout. I did a little on the fly training and showed him how to add in the extra verse. I’m actually pretty proud of the guy for having such a learning heart. I said, “We shoot for improvement, not perfection.”


Setlist for today

  • O Come Emmanuel – Billy Chia (I used an em9 inspried by Jeremy’s version. Mine’s a little more rocked out.)
  • One Way – Hillsong United
  • King of Glory – Chris Tomlin
  • Awesome is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin
  • Inside Out – Hillsong United
  • Til I See You – Hillsong

The band did a tremendous job today. I had another scheduled worship leader so I got to hang back and just play lead guitar. The band felt tight on stage.

The crowd was … unenthusiastic.

I personally did not show up with my A game today. Last week held 7 shades of turmoil at Chase Valley. We’re still in it and I’m not allowed to talk about it. This past week I spent tons of time in prayer over this situation. I invested the majority of my emotional and spiritual energy into it instead of investing energy into “how can I be the best leader for my team this week?”

I felt like I was just reacting to situations that arose this morning instead of proactively leading. I hadn’t gotten my head into the leading my team and leading our peope in worship. I was still focused on this other tangent that needs to be resolved.

Honestly, my heart is just shattered over this. I’m sure I’ll blog about it once there’s a resolution. For now all things are on the DL.

In the meantime check out some other folk’s sunday setlist at Fred’s site.

Youth In Love with Jesus

The Setlist Today  for Chase Valley Church

  • King of Majesty – Marty Sampson
  • Yours is the Kingdom – Joel Houston
  • Jesus Paid it All – Alex Nifong, Elvina M. Hall
  • From the Inside Out – Joel Houston
  • Hear Us from Heaven – Jared Andersen

Today was sweet. Not as much energy in the crowd as the last two weeks, but you can’t keep things at a “10” forever – you need some ebb and flow. The cool thing I noticed today came from out teens. Our Jr. High and High School kids hang out for opening music set, when we take offering they leave and go to the youth room for the sermon. Today, a couple teens hung out for offering and sang along with the offering song and then went to youth service. They were so into worshiping Jesus they stuck around for an extra song. That rocks.


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