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The thing is I’ve always loved baptism services. I just get fired up about my faith when I see people getting baptized. Once the service started today I was so energized by the 22 other testimonies I totally forgot it was my baptism service too.

Here is a video recorded by Sarah, my wife, and Ashlyn, my 6-month-old daughter. (If you think a 6-month-old might not be extremely adept at handling a video camera you would be correct. Props to Sarah for actually catching the moment after Ashlyn bumped the camera.)

Here is my baptismal testimony:

I’ve been a Christian all my life.

It’s like David says in the psalms, “From my mother’s womb you have been my God.”

I was born in a Christian household, my parents baptized me as an infant and I was raised in the Church.

It’s like it says in the proverbs, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

So here I am 28 years old, and I’ve never departed from faith in God. My entire life I’ve been identified with Christ even though I’ve never made the choice myself to be baptized. Today is not about doing something new or starting over it’s about continuing in the amazing adventure that God has always done in me.

I’ve wrestled for many years with what it means to be baptized as an infant and what it means to be baptized as an adult. I’m not done wrestling yet, but I have come to a point of action.

My infant baptism will always be meaningful to me. It’s part of my heritage. It’s who I am.

But for me, being baptized today is about obedience to Christ and an open show of repentance.


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Today was Jeni’s baptism. I was completely bummed about getting out late at my church and missing the actual baptism at hers but I loved the spiritual vibe of her congregation. Worship was so free there. God was totally present. Hanging out after worship was super fun.

Worked on the kung fu movie with Beth and Alaine. After being pretty ADD for a few hours we finally got to task and we have a pretty solid storyline down. It’s going to be rocked out if we can find a few extra people who are down with being in the movie.


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