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Getting a God-Sized Vision

Set list for Chase Valley Church today:

  • Indescribable – Chris Tomlin
  • Awesome GodVicki Beeching
  • Adonai – Raymond Badham, Mia Fieldes
  • Be Unto Your Name – Lyn DeShazo, Gary Sadler
  • My Eyes Are Dry – Keith Green
  • From The Inside Out – Joel Houston

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WOW!!! – worship totally blew my mind today.

When only God can do it.

My church is seriously in a bad place financially. We have been on a budget freeze since I came on staff 8 months ago. We have cut literally everything out of the budget and still can’t pay all the bills. What has been the most crippling is our mortgage. Our church is currently in 1.3 million dollars of debt. The monthly payment assures we have nothing left for ministry.

This truly is a case where the borrower is slave to the lender. (Prov. 22:4)

Last Tuesday our administrative counsel had our monthly meeting. The crazy idea came up to fundraise all 1.3 million dollars of our debt and exist as a debt-free church! This is a ridiculous impossible dream. We average 100 people in our sanctuary on Sunday morning. There’s no way on Earth we can do it.

And that’s the point – to dream a goal so big only God can do it.

Today Pastor Dorothy Ann totally brought it. She preached on how David picked up 5 smooth stones and then killed Goliath. Then she talked about how 1.3 million dollars of debt is gigantic.

You could hear a pin drop on the carpet in the worship center.

The admin counsel was so excited last Thursday about chasing the Holy Spirit in pursuit of a God-Sized dream that we decided waiting a month until the next meeting was too long. We all agreed to pray and seek God for a week, and then come together again next Tuesday night to share what He’d said to us. This morning Dorothy Ann invited anyone in our church who was passionate about this cause to attend.

A dream this huge isn’t going to happen on its own. God’s not gonna let us sit on the sidelines expecting Him to work without us. We will need to stoop down at the river, pick up our 5 stones and go face to face with the giant before God steps in. I can’t wait until Tuesday.

Will our people be willing to pick up a stone?


Worship Text-fessional | 02.24.08

Worship pretty much rocked today.

Worship set list for Chase Valley Church February 24th, 2008:

  • We Humble Ourselves – Paul Baloche
  • Awesome God (Majesty and Mystery) – Vicky Beeching
  • Adonai – Raymond Badham, Mia Fieldes
  • Wholly Yours – David Crowder
  • Mighty to Save – Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart – Paul Baloche


  • This was a great set – the songs worked well in the slot they were in
  • The band sounded great – we had keyboards/synth for the first time since I’ve been on staff and it made a huge difference.
  • Our sound/media tech was on point
  • We Humble Ourselves – This is a new song for the church and people picked up on it really well. The harmonies were stellar on this one.
  • Awesome God (Majesty and Mystery) – One of our female vocalist led this one and nailed it. This is a pretty rocked out tune and we did it pretty low key – without any lead guitar using simply acoustic, bass and synth. It gave a more tender feel to the song – which I felt was more appropriate given the lyrics: “Your arms are, the arms that surround me in a warm embrace.”
  • Adonai – this is a great song. This was our 2nd time doing this one and the congregation has really responded to it. I started jumping during one of the music interludes and my in-ear monitor receiver unclipped from my pocket and fell on the stage. I had to stop playing guitar to get my monitor going again. The same thing actually happened at the same point in the song during sound check. I must need some duct tape or something – this song’s got some great energy.
  • Mighty to Save – everyone started cheering spontaneously after singing “Jesus conquered the grave” in the first chorus. The Spirit was moving today.


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