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Desktop Meme Tag

I’ve been tagged by Shawn. kinda, I’m an “alternate.” But hey, I like playing blog tag so here goes:

My desktop (click for full size):



  1. Win XP – boo.
  2. I let my wife have 3 desktop icons. She chose to have quick access to: Budget, School (she homeschools our daughter), and “Sell our house” (she supports the worship pastor vision).
  3. Paint Shop Pro version 7 is what I use primarily for graphics editing. (I miss working with better software, but it’s good for quick and dirty editing. It made that screen capture right there.) Other quick launch icons = Firefox, Plam (being phased out for Google calendar) , Picasa, Word (being phased out for Google docs), and of course the iTunes.
  4. My wife took this photo. The desktop version is 100% unphotoshopped. She has the skills. Looking at it gets me fired up to be a worship pastor.

As an alternate I’m making this post from the bench so can’t really tag anyone else. We’ll have to try playing backwards. Leave a comment letting me you know that you’d like to be tagged and I’ll edit this post to link to your site:

People who I’ve “tagged” so far:

  1. Megan
  2. alex mclean
  3. Sarah Chia
  4. JVP
  5. nick
  6. You can be the next!


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